Ready, Box-Set, Go
business partner opportunity

Welcome to Ready, Box-Set, Go – the home of exciting, engaging lessons and cultural experiences for children aged 4-18.

Thank you for your interest in supporting schools in such an innovative and exciting way.

We are offering limited opportunities for businesses like yours to raise their profile, build strong community relationships and help teachers to give powerful lessons teaching pupils about vital subjects such as discrimination, anti-racism, keeping healthy physically and mentally in a highly creative and impactful way.

Highly Sprung is an award-winning theatre production company and the team has worked with schools for many years; supporting curriculum learning pathways with creative and innovative physical drama programmes. Ready Box-Set Go brings this exciting, engaging experience into the classroom and makes it easily accessible for teachers to deliver quickly – with minimal preparation.

The award-winning box-sets have been designed to support key learning objectives and subjects for pupils aged 4-18 and come with digital resources, fully completed lesson plans, physical guidance notes and resources already prepared and ready to launch from the box.

Teachers love Ready Box Set Go, but school budgets are stretched and as a result our children could be missing out on valuable opportunities to expand their cultural capital, improve teamwork, learn key skills such as self-expression and discussion in a positive way.

We are looking for commercial partners who want to build relationships in their communities and to support schools and teachers with enhancing pupil learning experience.

From only £234  you can buy a school a Ready Box Set Go pack and enjoy a stronger relationship with your local area. In addition our marketing company can support your own promotional activities to raise awareness of your support and to spread the word about your services and sales offers. This is a fabulous opportunity for you to reach new audiences and build a stronger business profile whilst helping children have greater understanding of key issues facing our world today.


If you have any queries or questions please get in touch at By purchasing a boxset you are consenting to our terms & conditions, available to download here

A pink and a green logo, labelled 'Teach Primary Awards' and 'Teach Secondary Awards'

“Children are at the heart of this creative resource and the thorough series of lessons encourage active learning for a long-lasting love and understanding of the content- an unforgettable learning experience for all.”

St John’s C of E Primary
Teach Awards 2021 Judge (Teach Primary Foundation Learning)

“I’ve never seen or used SUCH an in-depth set of video resources all linked to a live performance before. These are incredible and by far one of the best digital resources I’ve ever used.”

Jonny Howard
Ormiston Academies Trust