Travel Bursaries

A limited number of travel bursaries are available for audition candidates at the Accelerate R & D. Scroll down for more information and to apply. 


You must:

  • Be from a household whose annual income is less than £43,000
  • Demonstrate a specific understanding of Highly Sprung’s work and what you feel you can bring to the r&d process


In addition, you should meet at least one of the following criteria:


  • Have a declared disability*
  • Be a care leaver
  • Be from a Global Majority background
  • Be from a household with an annual income of under £25,000


    Highly Sprung will only consider travel bursary applications for travel within England. Help with travel costs will be for varying amounts, dependent on the distance travelled and up to a maximum of £104.80.

    What to Claim:

    • Mileage can be claimed at £0.40/mile (round up/down to the nearest whole mile, e.g. 7.4 miles round down to 7 miles, 7.5 miles round up to 8 miles)
    • Travel by public transport can be claimed upon presentation of receipts, out-of-pocket travel expenses (up to the value of the minimum fare with any available discounts)

    To claim for reimbursement of travel costs a claim Form must be completed, and receipts provided with your form.


    How to apply:

    Apply via our Google Form. We will need supporting information and documents from all applicants who are applying for a travel bursary.