Echo Eternal

Echo Eternal



Inspired by Holocaust survivor testimonies collected by the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation, Highly Sprung was commissioned to engage young people directly with living history.

The team work with young people in local schools to create artistic responses to individual survivor testimonies, forming a series of survivor ‘echoes.’

Echo Eternal uses live performance, exhibition and film to commemorate and promote understanding of this important piece of history.



For 2021, the Horizons Festival from Echo Eternal took place online, with a final performance directed by Highly Sprung.  

The Festival ran throughout January for 23 Days, on the theme of Finding Light in Darkness. The first 19 days focus on 19 survivor testimonies and the individuals who gifted them, each led by a different partner who has made a pledge and is taking action. 

On Day 20 and on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day, the annual Horizons production brought audiences together online, in a dynamic act of commemoration. We hope you will join us in watching this broadcast. 

Visit the Horizons 2021 website here to learn more. 


“CORE Education Trust is delighted to work with Highly Sprung Performance Company. Within our Echo Eternal programme, they have brought an extraordinary depth of understanding, appreciation and background research in support of their creative work with young people around the testimony of survivors of the Holocaust and the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Their inspired creative use of movement and physical theatre enables a depth of emotional response and expression by young people that underpins the essence of the programme. The young people undergo an artistic learning process that encourages them engage in highly challenging material in a safe environment. While the deep creative learning process is inspiring, so too is the quality of the final artistic output by young people, where they are lead to find a means of communicating complex issues to an audience through physical theatre in moving and highly effective ways.

We regard Highly Sprung Performance Company as a key artist within the Echo Eternal programme now and in the future.”

Cathy O’Driscoll
Head of Echo Eternal