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Youth Advisory Board 2023-2024

Aged 14-25? Apply to join our Youth Advisory Board!


Highly Sprung are looking for young people to bring your voice to our Youth Advisory Board.

We want to hear from you, with your opinions, insights and expertise to help shape Highly Sprung’s work, strategy and vision – to make an impact for other young people. We are looking for at least 10 members to join the Youth Advisory Board for an initial one-year term, with the opportunity to reapply for a second term. 


You can apply for the YAB if you are:

  • Aged 14 – 25
  • Available for the 4 meetings in 2023/2024
  • Committed to being a part of the Youth Advisory Board for 1-year
  • Interested in sharing your thoughts and ideas on Highly Sprung future plans
  •  Interested in shaping a physical theatre charity for other young people

A bright rehearsal studio. A white teenage girl has shoulder length blonde hair. She is dressed in black, is smiling and holds a football.
How to apply:


For details on making your application and key dates, download our info pack below. You can apply via our Google Form or can send us a short video. For any questions you can email cheryl@highlysprungperformance.co.uk. 

Deadline to apply is Friday 27th October 2023 at 5pm. 

Callout for Volunteer Chaperones

Could you be the chaperone we are looking for? 


At Highly Sprung we are looking to expand our pool of volunteer chaperones for our under 16s at rehearsals and performances over the next year. Chaperones are a vital element to ensure our young people are safe. To ensure our performances can run smoothly. 


How it works: 


  • If you have a valid chaperone license you are ready to go! 
  • If you do not yet have this, Highly Sprung will pay for your license.   


A woman flies through the air, suspended on a metal rig. She is dressed in a glittery gold  jumpsuit and has light up trainers.

How to get your chaperone license:

To get your chaperone license you must apply in the local authority where you live. The process will vary slightly, but will usually include an application form, DBS check and safeguarding training.


If you are interested in this please email cheryl@highlysprungperformance.co.uk and we will send you more information.


Dates for chaperoning:


Highly Sprung run a varied range of events and performances for children and young people throughout the year, where we need chaperones. Get in touch for more information on current dates available. 



Interested? Email cheryl@highlysprungperformance.co.uk to register your interest!  

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