Taking Flight

Taking Flight



We have been telling stories for as long as history can see, and we will likely continue to do so for the rest of our lives. Once in a lifetime a new story is found, told, and shared… Now it is Castle Vale’s time. A story of our future, but also of our past and the place we set out to be.

In a time between times, encounter the Destroyers. A wild bunch of greedy wrongdoers who set out to finish what they started and claim the land and all its treasures for themselves. But destruction never truly wins where hope lies.

Told through high energy dance, music, smoke, fire, and aerial movement, let Taking Flight steal an hour of your day and take you on a journey, to a performance of raw emotion, creativity and circus.

Produced by critically acclaimed performance company Highly Sprung in partnership with Active Arts Castle Vale as part of the Festival of Flying. This unique event, celebrates local history, heritage, and innovation. Encouraging audiences to ‘look up’, to be amazed and inspired by the creation of a new story for Castle Vale.

This performance is presented by the Birmingham 2022 Festival, as part of the Festival of Flying in Castle Vale, Birmingham. 

Taking Flight Digital Screening