Transmission: The Next Variant

Coventry Station Community Day & In Transit

Presented by the Heart of England Community Rail Partnership and Highly Sprung, jointly funded by Avanti West Coast & Coventry City Council



Tired of the misinformation around COVID-19? Struggling to know fact from fiction?  Transmission: the Next Variant give you the answers. Examining the facts behind the pandemic through an innovative mix of lecture and dance.


Transmission is a short performance that tackles the confusing ‘infodemic’ that has spread alongside the virus. It aims to deliver enlightening information on its evolution, the vaccine and its impact. It takes a creative approach to science communication,  connecting with audience’s imaginations and making this information for accessible.


In 2019, experts from Coventry University and The University of Warwick worked with Highly Sprung to produce an event combining science and art. The performance explored the very real threat posed by antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to our future health. Now reunited for a third time in 2022, as we are all starting to adjust to life alongside COVID-19, the same team come together to provide further insight into COVID-19. 


2022 Performance Dates: 


Tue, 19 April 2022, 5.30pm
as part of Resonate Festival

Studio Theatre 2, Faculty of Arts Building, University of Warwick


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