Up, Up and Away

No-one who watched the performance would have failed to be moved by the poignant storytelling achieved with excellent craft and skill by the performers. The wonderful smiling faces of the children and the tears of the adults clearly showed how much the narrative had touched us all.

Up, Up and Away

Excellent and brave use of immersive techniques thoroughly engaging the audience throughout the whole story.

Up, Up and Away

A wonderfully engaging performance for children and adults!

Up, Up and Away

Up, Up and Away


A cloud-hopping, star-jumping, stratospheric adventure for children that is literally out of this world.

Offered the chance to float up and away into the sky on a large red balloon, Joe doesn’t hesitate. On Earth he’s called “different”; misunderstood by everyone, including his family.

Exciting experiences and new friends await Joe in the clouds, where everyone is different. Embarking on a series of adventures, Joe learns how being different is special and wonderful; more so than he ever imagined.

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