Mark Worth

As Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Highly Sprung, Mark Worth is an experienced director, physical theatre practitioner, performer and writer. With a career spanning 2 decades, Mark is committed to amplifying the voices of children and young people. His work reflects his passion for innovative, immersive, and socially relevant storytelling, bridging the worlds of education and the arts.

Mark delivers dance, drama, and physical theatre workshops in schools and communities, both nationally and internationally. His work extends from early years to undergraduates, enriching the lives of thousands of students. In primary schools, he goes beyond conventional teaching by delivering cross-curriculum workshops that use physical theatre to explore subjects like mathematics, English, and science.

His recent work has evolved into experiential storytelling, delving into students’ imaginations and fostering immersive experiences. He has worked in schools across the world, including at the American School of Bombay, schools in Czechia and Brussels, and leading creativity development projects in schools in Nantong, China, in non-English speaking schools.

As an artist Mark is a prolific writer and performer. He creates work that resonates with varied audiences, tackling relevant themes, including environmental issues and other social messages. Notable highlights in include “Fallout”, a poignant exploration of young people’s mental health, the immersive wonderland of “The Lost Gift”, the enchanting children’s theatre piece “Up, Up & Away’, as well as devising the machines behind the gravity-defying outdoor spectacles of “Urban Astronaut” and “Castaway”. His writing has been described as “Black Mirror for the Stage” and “Absolutely magical.”

Mark has led on countless productions and performances for Highly Sprung, engaging young people and addressing impactful themes. He emphasises the creation of ensemble and inclusive work, often without predefined scripts, igniting the creativity of students. His expertise as a drama facilitator and motivational speaker empowers children and young people, instilling ambition to reach for greater heights.

A white male with a moustache and dark hair is smiling. He is wearing a black and white striped v-neck. His arms are behind his back.