Guest Blog: My Work Experience at Highly Sprung

Guest Blog: My Work Experience at Highly Sprung
By Abi
9th March 2022


Today we have a guest blog from work experience student Abi who we loved having with us in the office last week. Read on to see what she got up to! 


To begin with I just want to say thank you to Highly Sprung and everyone that works there, for having me become part of the company for the week. It has been an amazing experience and has definitely helped me understand what it takes to run a theatre company and open my eyes to different jobs in the performing arts.


On Monday the tasks I was set really helped me understand the company and what they do. Learning about how they devise work based off real issues in the world and how they work with young people to inspire them to create ideas to performance together. I really enjoyed watching Winter Rites as it gave me an insight into what the company creates and performs.



When I was first in the office and meeting everyone, I was nervous. But after meeting Sarah I was automatically put at ease. I started creating posters and adverts for the Easter workshops and it was nice having the creative freedom to design it myself. After that me and Mark went to the school down the road because every week Highly Sprung provide drama lessons there. I think this itself speaks for the company and just shows how passionate and driven they really are to educate kids and encourage creativity in their lives. I’m glad that I could watch what they do and how they encourage passion for the arts.


On Wednesday I went along with Mark, Emily, and Kathryn to a Library performance for primary schools. Just observing their movement and acting was incredible. The performance was an adventure to find information about extreme weather and why it changes. Using theatre to educate kids about climate change and those human actions have long term consequences. I really enjoyed absorbing the performance and taking in every creative aspect. Also seeing the kids’ reactions was great. I’m sure they went home telling their parents they want to plant trees and ride their bikes everywhere.



Thursday, I helped out sorting and ordering new stock and fun t-shirts for the youth group. I then organised the registers for that weekend. Later was Sprung Youth, and they let me join in which was amazing. Just experiencing the way they work first hand and talking to people that have worked with them for years just is so special to be a part of. The whole group are like a family which is so nice to see.



So now its Friday. The last day and I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed this week. All I can say is thank you for this opportunity, I have learnt so much this week about performing arts companies, whether that’s teaching, performing, or planning future projects. I have also learnt a lot about myself –  that I really enjoy physical theatre and how it can educate an audience on serious topics without overloading them. Thank you Highly Sprung!!