Meet the board: Ros Adams

Meet the board: Ros Adams
By Hayley
12th September 2023
For 2023 we feel very lucky to have welcomed 2 brilliant new members to our Highly Sprung Board of Trustees. Today we are meeting Ros Adams. Passionate about co-creation and the power of the arts to change lives, Ros is the Director of Funding and Partnerships for Geese Theatre Company, and also a very proud Sprung Youth parent! 


Let’s start by getting to know your work. Could you tell us about your career so far?


I’ve done all sorts of things! My first job out of university was in social Services, booking staff training events. I then joined the Council graduate scheme for their IT department and worked in eGovernment Services in the early days of ‘getting things done’ online. I’ve also managed a training centre for young people and run my own business supporting other small business to setup admin systems. As I approached 30, I decided what I really wanted to do was work in the arts, and managed to find a brilliant job where I learned a LOT, but fundraising was never really my career plan! After my niche in arts fundraising in 2008, I am now Director of Funding and Partnerships for Geese Theatre Company.


What inspires your work? 

Storytelling. Whether trying to engage a funder with a project or reporting on the highs and lows of the final delivery, it’s all about trying to engage people with the story of what happened. Sometimes I have to be very creative! But if the art is inspiring there’s always a story there to be told.


What attracted you to working with Highly Sprung?  

I’ve seen first hand how their work is all the things art should be – interesting, challenging, and entertaining! I watched my kids faces at CastAway and saw the pride and dedication of my very shy 9-year-old when performing as a Sprungster. The opportunity to be part of that was very attractive, and I hope I can support much more of that for many more years.


What are you looking forward to as a member of the board?  Is there anything you hope to achieve during your time?

It’s a challenging time for charities – and everyone – with competition for funds and commissions higher than ever. I’d like to support Highly Sprung to be strategic, to bring a new energy and challenge to the Board, and to help create more arts opportunities in the city I now call home. I am also definitely looking forward to seeing more work!


Do you have a stand out performance or piece of art? 

Ever? Big question! The best thing I ever saw on stage was Bryony Kimming’s ‘Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer’. They brought co-created elements, real and personal stories, music, tears and joy together. I think she’s amazing. I also loved Earth-Bound’s ‘Painting Venice’ – outdoor theatre, clowning and movement to explore street homelessness. But I have a whole massive list of incredible theatre, performance and art that I’d loved at different times for different reasons. And that’s why art is so incredible!

P.S. I could go on about CastAway again too!


Thank you Ros – we’re all so excited to have you on the team!