Meet the team behind our September Pro Intensive

Meet the team behind our September Pro Intensive
By Hayley
7th September 2023


Our next Professional Intensive training is just around the corner, delivered by the wonderful Mark, Sarah and Emily. Let’s meet the Highly Sprung team who’ll be delivering the masterclass…



What are you most looking forward to in the Pro Intensive?


Emily: I love the studio being filled with creative energy! I’m excited to share our practice, move and create with lots of different artists.


Mark: I love not knowing what to expect whenever I walk into a creative space; the power of possibility. For me, that’s what the Pro Intensive is about, using the Highly Sprung ‘Way’ to explore, play and develop work that means something to both the artists and audience.


Sarah: Any opportunity to share creative practice in a room full of brilliant people is always something to look forward to. I can’t wait to share in the new stories, movement and ideas that I know will be created in response to the creative tasks.



Who should book on? Why should they join?


Emily: Professional dancers and physical theatre artists, anyone in training and recent graduates. You should join if you want to expand your practice into physical theatre and narrative driven movement.


Mark: I think you should come and join the the Pro intensive to give yourself a creative jump start. So many of us, me included, get stuck in a rut, doing the same things over and over hoping for different results. The pro intensive is specifically designed to help people develop their own professional practice and look at creation from a new perspective.


Sarah: Anyone with an interest in learning more about how we use our bodies to tell stories and create narratives, fusing movement with story and working together through ensemble and contact. If you’re looking for an opportunity to explore your creativity in a safe, supportive and energised space, working with other brilliant people, then this is definitely for you!




What are you bringing to the training? 


Emily: As I come from a dance background, expect fun and dynamic movement phrases and tasks that will bring challenge and spread some joy!


Sarah: I am hoping to bring some new exciting creative tasks to explore the different dimensions of movement that we use to tell compelling stories- giving people the frameworks in which they can create and explore.



For our training, we’ll be taking you behind the scenes of how we create our original performance work. Expect a masterclass in physical theatre, devising, contact work and ensemble skills. To make sure our training is open to all, we’re grateful to be able to provide bursaries, with a 50% discount off your place – get in touch to apply. 



Learn more and book your spot by clicking here.