Stories: All the Street’s a Stage

Stories: All the Street’s a Stage
By Hayley
30th April 2020

In April 2019, as a part of the RSC’s celebrations for Shakespeare’s birthday, Highly Sprung developed All the Street’s a Stage  – a pop-up theatre performance. We were inspired by themes from As You Like It, and our two ‘theatricals’ told audiences interactive stories, performing in the windy streets of Stratford. A year on, we are again celebrating the bard’s birthday, and are delighted to share some fun (and slightly gruesome) stories, created for the project by our Artistic Director Mark Worth.

Click on the titles below to open and read our remixed Shakespearean tales. Each story is inspired by Shakespearean classics, combining different tales to create something new, with lots of twists! Have a read and challenge yourself to find as many references to different Shakespeare plays as you can.

A man and woman in shakespearean dress look at the camera, stood outside the Other Palace Theatre.

The Prophecy


The Two Lovers and a Mistaken Identity


The Warmonger and King