‘Theatre is nothing without a social and political message’.

‘Theatre is nothing without a social and political message’.
By Pavanveer Sagoo (Work Experience Student)
12th July 2019
Throughout my week here on work experience with Highly Sprung, I have met incredible performers each sharing their same passion within performance through elements of dance and physical theatre. As an aspiring actor, it has been incredibly reassuring shadowing these performers with their relationship with the directors; coming to an end goal whilst embodying both intentions of the performer and director together.
Within my placement with Highly Sprung, I have shadowed performers deep in rehearsal for the upcoming show: Transmission (a guide into the world of medical microbiology and our relationship with it). The performance takes us on a timeline throughout the history of Antimicrobial Resistance, starting from the big bang to the distant future. This performance is a collaboration with Coventry University and the University of Warwick: spreading awareness of the detriment of Antimicrobial Resistance within the late 20th to 21st century. A socially and politically driven piece, educating and informing audience members about the atrocities of Antimicrobial Resistance and our relationship with them as a living thing. Watching performers: Emily, Luke and Frankie bring to life this social stance in such an artistic and passionate way has been truly astonishing with tying in the elements of lecture and dance; woven together so perfectly.

As someone who isn’t so much an academic, it has been extremely interesting finding out so much fascinating information regarding Antimicrobial Resistance as well as really being aware of how concerning the factors of bacteria really are. I also met Ruth and Safura, extremely friendly representatives from Coventry University. Together, we collaborated to help edit the Transmission script given to us by Sarah.
This week has been incredibly diverse with the kinds of work shadowing I have participated in, really informing me of all the elements that go into a performing arts company. At the start of the week, I was collating data from Highly Sprung’s notably famous ‘Physical Fellowship’, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. Followed by an engaging workshop with year 10 students at North Leamington school; workshopping in activities with AJ which have relevance to social and political issues and stances within the 21st century regarding prejudice throughout history and of course Brexit!
However, I must say that the best part of this week, would definitely be working on Transmission with the Highly Sprung team collaborating with Coventry and Warwick University. Taking something so scientific and immersing us into this world through performance has been an absolute pleasure to help work on and shadow.

The team have been absolutely amazing and I have had an amazing experience working with them.
Thank you for having me and I hope to do future projects with you in the future!
Come and see Transmission on Monday 15th July at the Ellen Terry Theatre, Coventry at 7:30PM! Click the link above!