There is always something more to learn

There is always something more to learn
By Pavanveer Sagoo (Work Experience Student)
27th January 2020

If you are reading this, believe me when I say there is always this beauty of ‘yet’ in life, in education, in yourself. Take your time, things will flow when you learn to love yourself and the world. I would like to thank Sarah Worth sincerely for giving me this opportunity for work placement at Highly Sprung. From Pearl Hyde’s drama sessions, to One Giant Leap, to the Home audition, I have been growing into a better self. I have learnt so much about our planet, about our body, about education and about relationships, but there is always something more to learn. There is just too much to learn about the world, about ourselves… I have affirmed myself my passion on performing arts education through placement; to share love and passion through the means of body, theatre and arts. All along… Some notes to share: In the context of schooling, the body has continued to remain overlooked as a means for learning. P.E. and Art are perceived as ‘hidden’ curriculum, a separation from the ‘real’ education, an entertainment, system biased and favours the education of mind. In the 21st century, children are drowning into the internet world, spending less time engaging with their teachers and peers in real physical interaction, thus experience of the body in childhood is disappearing. The origin in the tradition of educational practice serving mind from body traces back to Plato. Plato thinks one’s head was contemplated nobler than moving one’s body. Yet Thich Nhat Hanh thinks mind and body are always one, equally crucial, he wrote ‘this is when human beings are wholly and naturally being present in the moment’. Performing Arts empower children to create, to live through moments, to connect with the world and self. Through creation, self and art entwined. At the heart of creativity lies ‘becoming’. My experience with Highly Sprung has inspired and taught me so much, so much that I can look back one day and still feel powerful always. I think it is time for me to move on and to pursue my dream further. Always thankful to Highly Sprung. Thank you!

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