Tips from Arty for a Healthy Heart(y)

Tips from Arty for a Healthy Heart(y)
By Hayley
14th February 2021


Meet Peri Cardium, Professor Aorta and Dr Beat from Professor Coerium’s Heart Emporium! These are the magical characters children will meet along with way with City Beat Online, our new programme for primary schools that explores how to keep a happy and healthy heart. Pupils will also meet Arty the Heart, a fun character to guide them through a series of energetic, practical and creative activities.


3 people in white wigs stand with their arms linked, looking at each other nervously.

Professor Coerium’s Heart Emporium, Andy Moore


A cartoon image of a heart dances around and smiles at the camera.

Arty the Heart, designed by Annie Kruntcheva


In 2020, Highly Sprung Performance delivered City Beat, a major cultural project with local school children aged 7-9, inspiring them to explore maths and science through physical theatre and movement. We looked together at the idea of healthy hearts, using workshops, performances and practical creative sessions to explore the heart scientifically, aesthetically and anatomically. The creative combination enabled pupils to find value in improving their health outcomes, increase knowledge of the heart and develop a more positive attitude towards physical activity.


We are so excited to be bringing this project into 2021 for Ready, Box Set, Go – a digital resource with a series of packages for primary schools. Teachers receive a box set packed full of physical and digital resources, lesson plans, activities, games and schemes of work to deliver in the classroom. For the City Beat Online box set, schools will receive a special pre-recorded performance of Professor Coerium’s Heart Emporium, where they will meet the wonderful characters in the photos above!


Following Valentines Day, we wanted to give an insight into City Beat and the Professor Coerium performance, through sharing our top tips for a healthy heart….of course with help from the Heart Emporium team and our resident heart expert Arty! 




Three people dressed in white and red waistcoats are stretching to the side, with their arms in the air. They are stood in a white dome, on a red carpet - the Heart Emporium.

Credit: Andy Moore

TIP ONE: Find the Rhythm of Your Life!


“George realised that actually, for years, he had only been existing; he’d forgotten how to live and in doing so, his heart had forgotten how to beat. He hadn’t realised that the rhythm of life that ran through his veins and arteries, was the same rhythm that ran through others. The same life, that shoots joy across our smiles at parties, that wraps its arms around you when you are cold, that same life that we all share.”


What brings you the Rhythm of Life?



TIP TWO: Get Moving!

Credit: Annie Kruntcheva

“The more Harriet and her friends moved the more the great mountain of Atherosclerosis moved until with an almighty effort it shrank and was washed away for good… and as she lay on her boat, catching her breath she felt a sudden beating in her chest… her heart had started beating properly again.”


What is your favourite way of getting active?



A woman in a long white wig holds a model heart in her cupped hands, smiling.

Credit: Andy Moore

TIP THREE: Find What Makes Your Heart Happy!


“She had forgotten that she needed to find a way to look after and love herself… Carrie needed to remember to do things to bring joy to her heart. She needed to go out and discover what made her feel happy.”


What can you do to bring joy to your heart?






We are so excited to bring the success of City Beat into the world of remote learning, allowing us to support even more young people as they work towards a healthy future. Learn more about the City Beat Online Box Set here, or get in touch!