Ready, Box-Set Go

Ready, Box-Set Go

Welcome to Ready Box Set Go – the home of exciting, engaging lessons and cultural experiences for children aged 4 -18. 


The boxes have been created to bring you our unique Highly Sprung approach to learning, delivering fantastic engagement and learning outcomes.  The team have taken all of their learnings from over 20 years of drama experience and working with school children of all ages and developed a complete lesson resource pack covering vital messages children today need to be aware of. 


The team are excited that the first five Ready Box Set Go themed packs are now available for schools to buy and for commercial partners to sponsor for schools. 


Are you a teacher? Buy a box-set for your school group here, with a range of innovative options for Key Stages 1-5 at a heavily subsidised rate. 


Give the gift of innovative education to children and young people in your community, and build the profile of your company.  Buy a box-set for a school of your choice. 

Each box has been designed to be ready to go quickly with minimal preparation required by the teacher and covering a range of key curriculum and cultural capital enhancement subjects.   Children learn in different ways and the Ready Box-Set Go approach is to create excitement, consideration, discussion and learning through connection to key themes that affect young people’s lives so that wider awareness of the world is cultivated. 


If you have any questions get in touch at schools@highlysprungperformance.co.uk.