The Sunrise: Horizons 2021

The Sunrise: Horizons 2021
By Hayley
26th January 2021


This morning we are delighted to share with you a beautiful poem and performance from Sprung Advance, reflecting on the sunrise.

Since 2019, Highly Sprung Performance have worked with Echo Eternal – a commemorative arts engagement project that pays tribute to the testimonies of Holocaust survivors.  Echo Eternal’s ‘Horizons 2021’ has been a brilliant, moving festival throughout January, with 19 days of campaigning from young people, responding to these testimonies and taking action. On Saturday 16th January, Sprung Advance’s campaign day, they paid tribute to the story of Harry Olmer, making a pledge to celebrate life. As part of their campaign, they responded to the sunrise with this poem and performance.

We hope this poem can inspire you  in these difficult times, and encourage you to join the Sprungs in their pledge, always looking for hope and light when there is darkness.


The sunrise is like a new beginning.

It’s a fresh start to a brand new day.

I love how no 2 sunrises are the same.

They all fill the sky in different ways.

But each one has its own uniqueness and beauty.

It reminds me to look out for that little bit of beauty in every situation.

Sometimes that beauty is more obvious than others.

But it is always there.

The sunrise gives me hope, especially in times of uncertainty.

Because it rises no matter what.

Even if there has been a massive change in my life,

Something good or bad has happened,

Or I’m unsure of what’s going to happen in the future.

I can still always count on the sun rising and settting.

As the constant in my life. The thing I know will always happen.

There will always be a sunrise, so there will always be a fresh start.

There will always be a sunrise, so there will always be beauty.

There will always be a sunrise, so there will always be hope.


Written by Niamh Soley

Performed by Sprung Advance