CastAway: Flying into Coventry this August

CastAway: Flying into Coventry this August
By Highly Sprung
19th August 2021

This August Bank Holiday weekend, Coventry City of Culture Trust and leading physical theatre company Highly Sprung present the premiere of CastAway, a stunning outdoor performance that brings a brand new approach to aerial theatre. It features a unique, fully gyroscopic aerial rig which elevates performers over 9 metres up into the air, promising a captivating production that will delight audiences of all ages. The piece is set to a beautiful soundtrack by award-winning composer Tom Haines.


“It draws interest and crowds long before the performance starts. This fantastic new aerial spectacle from Highly Sprung is a visual treat, but has some much deeper messages for its entranced audience.”

West End Best Friend  ★★★★


2 women in bright red and blue furry coats and sunglasses walk along confidently, pushing a shopping trolley.

The Disposables, CastAway, credit Andrew Moore


Have you heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? This island of waste floating in the ocean is now over 6 ½  times the size of the UK. Addressing problems of plastic pollution, CastAway is Highly Sprung’s response. It tells the story of two characters, the Disposables, who are polluting the city’s canals. Their actions awaken the Keeper of the Waterways who rises up to challenge them and guide them to a more compassionate way of behaving.


Winter Rites, credit Andrew Moore


At Highly Sprung, we have a reputation for producing bold, environmentally led outdoor theatre, from touring production Urban Astronaut to the environmentally-themed Changing Climates Festival for young people in Coventry. On the Bank Holiday Weekend, alongside viewing this new aerial spectacle, you will have the chance to learn more about Highly Sprung climate-themed projects and commitment to social change. You can also make your own pledge to take the actions you are able to in your life, in order to make a difference.


An astronaut flying on an aerial rig reaches his hand towards the camera. Behind him is a blue sky and a large crowd of people.

Urban Astronaut, Southbank







“We are passionate believers in the role theatre can play in starting conversations on difficult topics such as the climate crisis and pollution. The prevalence of plastics and disposables in our canals and waterways can easily feel overwhelming, but with CastAway we aim to leave audiences feeling hopeful, inspiring real action and change.”


Sarah Worth, Highly Sprung


Prince Charles, an elderly white haired man wearing a blue suit, is laughing a talking to a woman wearing a black t shirt with a logo on reading 'CastAway.'

Credit Andrew Moore


Earlier this year, CastAway received royal attention when Highly Sprung performed a preview for HRH Prince Charles of Wales, who has a longstanding commitment to environmental concerns. It is also a core part of ‘Green Futures’ from Coventry 2021 – one of the Coventry’s flagship cultural programmes which aims make the city the most environmentally conscious UK City of Culture to date.



Watch CastAway Sat 28th & Sun 29th August 2021, 12:30pm & 4pm. All performances are free and ticketed, simply show up on the day to enjoy. View the full press release here or visit our gallery to see more of the show!