Train the Highly Sprung way with our September Pro Intensive

Train the Highly Sprung way with our September Pro Intensive
By Highly Sprung
21st August 2023

Booking is open for our next Professional Intensive! Join us on Saturday 16th September from 10am – 4pm for a packed day of physical theatre and creative inspiration to take home. 


The Highly Sprung Professional Intensive is a unique opportunity to be immersed in a day of movement, play, and building contact and ensemble skills.  Enter our rehearsal room and get to know our creative process. Explore the signature choreographic methodology that has informed  performances such Urban Astronaut, CastAway, Grow and Accelerate, and come away with new creative ideas and practices to inform your work.


Training with Highly Sprung enhanced my teaching practice and equipped me with a new skill set. I learnt to approach workshops as a narrative, and this has provided me with a structure to my teaching that I can be creative and play with.


This workshop is 18+, open to professional performers and dancers, who are looking to up-skill and train with our signature approach. We are delighted to be offering bursaries for attendees this September, giving you 50% off your residency place. If you’re interested, simply drop us an email to know more.


Interested? Visit the shop page here to know more and save your spot!